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Recommended Web Tools

OCFMA is trying to leverage the power of the Internet by identifying useful tools and encouraging members to use them to collaborate.
  • Web Conferencing - 
    • - An excellent free easy-to-use screen sharing tool
    • GoToMeeting 
  • Online File Storage / Sharing:
    • - This is a very intuitive cloud-based file storage site. The first 2Gb of storage is free.
    • Google Drive - Google offers 15Gb of free cloud-based file storage plus has powerful online collaboration tools using Google docs. Requires a gmail account.
  • Project Websites:
    • Google Sites - Google offers a simple, intuitive and free tool for creating and managing group websites that can be made public or private. Each site is free to 100Mb of storage. The OCFMA PD Subcommittee has been using a Google site for their committee work for several years. (The website is actually a Google site!)
(Send suggestions of your favorite web tools to Rich McEvoy / Phil Rouble to share with colleagues!)