Exploring the value of adopting GIS solutions for Campus Operations

Building Condition Dashboard – Fanshawe College

Prepared for OCFMA

In this session we will explore the benefits of adopting a Geographic Information System (GIS) to develop a digital twin of campus. Such a model enables facility teams to visualize their assets, manage documentation, and inform capital investment planning. Often viewed as small towns, colleges can leverage GIS tools to help manage assets, communicate capital project status, and monitor space on campus in a common view to inform daily decision making.


Date and Time: June 4th, 2021 9:00-10:00


  Iain Greensmith (Esri Canada);


Samuel Adanyi (Fanshawe College)

Samuel Adanyi has been with Fanshawe college since 2017 and currently works as an Analyst in the Facilities Information Systems Department.  Using his Architectural Technology background, he supports project coordinators with construction projects at the college. In recent times, Samuel has been innovating with new tools like ArcGIS, BIM to define ways they could be beneficial to the college.