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Christian PrudHomme
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Hi Trevor,

See below, responses to your questions:

1. If you opened your computer labs for the 2020-21 academic year how did you clean the keyboard and mouse?
Utilizing our contracted cleaning staff the keyboard and mouse are wiped down and disinfected at a minimum of 2x during business operational hours. The lab is additionally cleaned and disinfected at night by our contracted cleaning staff. The College also provided students access to virox disinfectant wipes throughout the computer lab area as an opportunity for the students to wipe down their workspace before and after use. Additionally, hand sanitizer dispensers are provided at the printing station and wall-mounted dispenser are located throughout the lab area.

2. Are you opening up your computer labs for the fall semester?
We never shut our labs down. Our SAL (Student Access Lab) was drastically scaled back and computer labs were assessed and also downsized.

3. How will you be cleaning the keyboard and mouse at each station?
The College will continue with the same process as previously implemented as it has proven affected in keeping our community safe. Virox wipes will be used by both cleaning staff and students on the keyboard and mouse. Post-COVID the College will evaluate the condition of the keyboards and replace any that the keyboard lettering has worn off due to cleaning needs.

4. Has their been consideration to move more towards “bring your own device (laptop)”?
Not at this point.

5. Has their been consideration to have students bring their own keyboard and mouse?
Not at this point.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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