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Hi Everyone,

I agree with all that has been said. I have the same concerns about this being a placebo effect. Mohawk has been pressured because our building on the McMaster campus has seen the McMaster faculty deploy HEPA filters (but only in 50% of their classrooms, very confusing). I have the same concerns about maintenance, placement, utilities, monitoring of actual effectiveness. Like most others, we’ve upgraded all our HVAC systems to MERV13 filters and increased filter replacement schedules. That along with regular coil cleaning, increased fresh air and CO2 monitoring has been our “canned response” when asked about HEPA filters. Having said all that I did order a few units (since they were free) for our Health Clinic that is doing booster shots and our on-site PCR/rapid testing areas. These areas have small examination rooms with frequent traffic so it couldn’t harm to scrub the air in those small spaces. No idea on delivery and with restrictions being rapidly lifted it will be a race to see if they arrive in time to being effectively deployed. We’ve been clear that we will not be deploying to any classrooms or employee areas, the amount we would need would be staggering.