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    • Rich McEvoy
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      How are you providing access to campus for students without computer or access to internet?
      (originally emailed by Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes, La Cite on Mar. 18, 2020)

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    • Rich McEvoy
      Post count: 55

      The following 17 replies were in response to Lan Chi’s email on Mar. 18, 2020:

      1. Seneca Mar. 18
      For Seneca, we are taking the following actions as part our COVID19 response:
      • Plan to move as much of our academic programming online.
      • Our services for students are now only accessible online, by telephone or email. There is no counter or in-person service available for now.
      • With the exception of employees who are needed to keep minimum services available on campus, all other employees may work from home.
      • Only Newnham, Seneca@York and King campuses are open to students and only computing commons and student study spaces. Other campuses can be accessed by employees if they choose.
      • Signs / posters have been installed at each campus identifying the importance of social distancing and washing of hands. Within our computing commons areas, signs have been affixed to every other computer to ensure people are keeping appropriate social distancing. IT staff have unplugged the power cord and tuck away the keyboards and mouse to some computers.
      • Restricted entry measures are in place at all campuses. You must show identification to be admitted and you will be subject to health screening. No visitors are allowed. Colin Cheung, P.Eng.
      Director, Facilities Management
      T: (416) 491-5050 ext. 77738
      C: (416) 881-7100

      2. Canadore 3/18
      Canadore College has no student access. After Friday essential services only on site. Most working from home. Courses being delivered online. Nipissing University, which shares the Canadore site is following the same protocols. Site access is controlled through each institutions main entrance. Construction projects are ongoing. Current plan will remain in place until April 3rd. Steve Laughlin
      Director, Infrastructure and Project Management
      705-474-7601 ext 5149

      3. Georgian 3/18
      From Georgian’s perspective, we are working to open the Library on Monday at the 3 bigger campuses to students for computer access (Barrie, Orillia and Owen Sound). The students must book an appt in advance (they will have a 2 hour time period). After each student leaves, the computer and desk will be cleaned plus regular cleaning of all touchpoints in the area. Our testing services area will be open as well by appt only (but they feel this will be minimal traffic). Will be controlled access into the required buildings and ensuring they don’t wander elsewhere in the buildings where already deep cleaned. We have definitely moved furniture and computers around/out of the Libraries/Testing Centre to ensure social distancing. We don’t know how many students we will get.
      Maintenance and construction activities still ongoing as well. Sheryl Maukonen, FMA
      Executive Director, Facilities Management
      Georgian College
      705.728.1968, ext. 5213

      4. Conestoga 3/18
      – No student access
      – Only essential staff on a rotating basis (finance, RO, plant operations)
      – Tech distributed to staff who need them to work from home
      – All current construction projects are continuing
      – Construction planning continues through virtual meetings as much as possible
      Tim Schill
      Senior Director, Facilities Management and Capital Development
      Conestoga College
      Cell 519. 465.2755 – tschill@conestogac.on.ca

      5. Sault 3/18
      Sault College is providing access to students in one building and for computer access only. The technology and chair at every second computer station (lab or computer common area) has been removed to ensure appropriate social distancing is in place. We have very few students on site and reduced staffing (some working at home). Today I’m expecting that we announce access through one entrance with screening and sign in.
      At this point construction activities are still ongoing
      Trevor Rising Trevor.Rising@saultcollege.ca

      6. Lambton 3/18
      Lambton closed its doors, Monday at 5pm.
      We are coordinating limited access to our main building, via one entrance, this week, for staff to pick up essentials. IT has redeployed laptops to essential staff, who are picking these up over the next few days.
      We have a limited number of laptops that will be deployed to students. It is our stance that opening a lab will be counterintuitive to the measures taken. We will continue discussions, but I am hoping not to open a lab. This would be a last resort. It’s a balance between student, employee and community health & safety. Not easy for any of us…
      Brent Thomas
      Director, Facilities Management
      (519) 542-7751 ext. 3210
      E: brent@lambtoncollege.ca

      7. Fanshawe 3/18
      Fanshawe is on lockdown for students. We are looking to create a minimal computer lab in a common area with controlled access monitored by security. Social distancing will be enforced but expected to be a challenge since students like to work in teams.
      Peter Gilbert
      Chief Infrastructure Officer
      (Facilities and IT Services)
      T: 519-452-4430 x4839

      8. Niagara 3/18
      We have suspended out construction projects at the moment but we are reviewing this. If the contractors can ensure proper screening and social distance practices they can apply to continue their work. We would need to review what that would mean for any Facilities support requirements. Currently my staff are in our “Christmas shut down mode” and are only on site periodically.
      Ralph Scholz
      P. Eng. Director FMS,
      Ext 7762

      9. Centennial 3/18
      Centennial College has closed all campus buildings and suspended all classes & labs. Loaner laptops are being distributed to staff if needed, all work is remote from home. Access to campuses is limited to authorized essential services personnel only with pre-approval through one designated entrance point per campus. ALL interior construction projects are suspended until further notice, only exterior work is proceeding, for now.
      Mark Simpson
      Director, Facilities Planning, Sustainability & Project Management
      T 416-289-5000, ext. 7021

      10. Fleming 3/18
      This is Fleming’s approach for now, however it will be more restrictive starting tomorrow with pre-authorization required by a senior leader.
      “Effective March 17 the college will enact a controlled building entry model. This is to support our social responsibility to the community and better control social distancing on campus.
      Our staff and students will have limited access to our campus buildings from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Access will be permitted through the main doors and entrants will be signed in upon arrival.
      If you require special access, please contact your manager for review.
      We thank you for your cooperation as we work together to do our part, in dealing with COVID-19.”
      Terry Williams
      Director, Physical Resources
      705-749-5530 x 1328

      11. Humber 3/18
      Humber has closed all access for students – so no computer labs open. Construction projects, however, are still going. For now.
      Spencer Wood

      12. Loyalist 3/18
      At Loyalist we have kept our computer commons open. We have only one open door and access is limited to only staff and students. EVERYONE must sign-in and sign-out. They must read a notice from the Health Unit and acknowledge they have no symptoms prior to them being allowed in.
      We have removed 50% of all computers in commons and associated chairs to make sure we have appropriate social distancing. Our staff clean all unoccupied computers, tables, chairs on an hourly basis.
      We announced protocol today and it has significantly limited numbers showing up.
      Mark Kirkpatrick
      SVP Corporate Services and CFO
      613-969-1913 ext. 2356

      13. Niagara 3/18
      I can’t speak to IT issues however for now the NC campus is open to students. Very few students are coming in. Access to campus is limited to the public areas and one open access computer lab. All classrooms and labs are closed.
      Access to campus buildings is restricted to one door and security is there to greet and ask those coming in to follow a sign in process.
      All this is on our NC website, and could change at any time.
      Ralph Scholz
      P. Eng. Director FMS,
      Ext 7762

      14. Confederation 3/18
      At Confederation we are doing the same as what Ralph described for Niagara.
      Rick Sitarski
      Director, Facilities Services
      Phone: (807) 475-6687

      15. Durham 3/18
      Ditto for Durham College (same as Niagara)
      Alan Dunn

      16. Sheridan 3/18
      Sheridan is very similar to Niagara with things changing very quickly as well. Our website is being constantly updated as the situation evolves. Michelle McCollum

      17. Mohawk 3/18
      We are closed until April 5th. We gave students and staff until noon today to get what they need from lockers, offices etc. I can’t speak to the IT connectivity side for students who don’t have internet (I believe our IT people are working on a plan) but I can say we are being very controlled about who is permitted to be on campus. Only one management from my team at a time, one control room operator. No outside contractors unless it is an emergency repair. No construction to finish for year end. Its locked down pretty tight here.
      Henry Colyn, C.E.T., Dipl. T., ME, LEED AP
      Chief Building and Facilities Officer
      Facility Services
      henry.colyn@mohawkcollege.ca Visit:
      Phone: 905-575-2269
      Cell: 905-870-0666

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