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    • lanchinguyenweekes
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      Hello everybody,


      I hope you are well.

      I am curious about your institution policy in term of notification. How are you handling notification of suspected cases and confirmed cases on the campi ?

      Do you notify all the students and staff that have been in the same class as a suspected case ? Do you notify everybody that has been in that location in the last x days ? How about for a confirmed case ?

      We are trying to juggle enough vs. too much info .


      Lan Chi



    • Rich McEvoy
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      [from Brenda Henry, BSW, CRSP, MBA – Senior Manager, Environment, Health, Safety and Emergency Services – Fanshawe College]

      Fanshawe takes direction from local public health on who and how to notify in a case of infectious or communicable disease.
      Public health conducts a risk assessment and as the subject matter experts provides guidance/direction on who was potentially affected and when to communicate. This practice protects the balance between notification to the right staff/students and protection of the ill person’s privacy.
      The College is not an expert in disease transmission and should not be deciding who or what to communicate in such cases. With respect to COVID, public health, through their contact tracing is reaching out directly to close contacts. There may not be a need for communication directly from the College but again, if it occurs, it is done in consult with public health.
      We ask our staff and students to complete a COVID report form if they are asked to self isolate/confirm positive for COVID. We use this form to inform our JHSC of cases and outcomes. (no names, only dept/programs/outcomes)
    • Sheryl Maukonen
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      Georgian was also taking direction from the Public Health Unit in regards to communications, etc, however I wanted to share the Dashboard we’ve just launched this week.


      This will be updated on a weekly basis.


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