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    • Trevor Rising
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      A couple of questions for those colleges running the pilot project

      Are you providing food services for those on campus?

      Are you providing areas for students to eat their lunch/meal while on campus?

      We are not providing either as of right now but are recieve pressure to do so.  The decision was to have faculty, techs, and students involved with the pilot project to go straight to their lab/shop for instruction and leave right after.  However, programs like Hairstyling are on campus most of the day.

    • mkirkpatrick
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      For Loyalist there will be no food services provided.   We are asking that they bag their lunch if needed but focusing on shortened time in class then home.  In discussions with local Health Unit they moved us away from long all day classes if possible.   We have zoned off our college and removed almost all public seating to avoid social gathering.  There is no formal location to eat but we do have a few, social distanced, standing ledges to eat on.    We have also shut down all drinking fountains but will be supplying bottled water.

    • Brent Thomas
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      At Lambton, SAC has opened and is supplying a short menu. They have a few picnic benches set out on their patio, following the same protocols as restaurant patios. They are also offering curbside pickup and will deliver on site. We have set up a few classrooms for proctor testing, that will take place in the fall. We are using these as small lunch rooms as all desks are properly distanced. We only have a few programs that are running long hours that may use this option.

      Fountains remain open, we recommend using the auto bottle fillers instead of the spouts.

    • Anonymous
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      At Sheridan, we have two stages for the pilot.  The first, which just involves one program and limited numbers starting next week, we don’t plan on having any food available.  The second, in August, we are looking to have a limited variety of grab and go options.  We are considering providing outdoor space which can be used for eating, similar to Lambton.  We will be encouraging students and faculty to leave campus when they are finished their lab and providing only a limited amount of “waiting space” for students who may have to wait on campus in between labs.  We are trying to get a more accurate sense of what that may look like in terms of head count.

    • Rich McEvoy
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      Hi – Fanshawe will have one restaurant open with outdoor patio and offer limited table service (per local restrictions), take-out and delivery within the Campus.  We are also replenishing our vending machines to ensure there are no expired products.  The general message is to come to campus, complete your class and return home lingering is discouraged.

      We’ve closed off our cafeteria seating and lounge areas.

    • saurioj@algonquincollege.com
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      For the Pilot program at Algonquin College , we do not have any food services open.  We are encouraging all staff and students to leave the campus when their classes end.  We have designated a couple of common areas (with seating spaced 6′ apart) for those students who may need to wait in between classes. These are near the active labs.

      We were able to designate staff and student entry / exit / washrooms near to the labs that are active, therefore containing circulation to these areas.  As such, we did not have to remove all common area furniture elsewhere for the pilot, however we will likely need to do so for the Fall.

      The pilot program classes started on Monday and so far all is going well and everyone is staying safe.


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