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    • ssapiano
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      For Post Covid design consideration I am curious what other colleges are thinking.

      1. How are you currently planning? Once there is a vaccine will everything go back exactly as before? Or are you expecting major shifts in use of space?

      2. Are you planning to keep any current Covid guidelines as part of future planning and design? For example, six feet between workstations, Limited occupancy in rooms?

      3. Is anyone entertaining some of the new apps that have come out for room bookings and Automated Occupancy Sensors? (purple.ai, envoy, etc.)?

      4. Any great resources or links to Post Covid campus design (classroom, office, social spaces)?

      Thanks in advance for your input.

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    • Rich McEvoy
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      Facilities and Academic Schedulers at Fanshawe continue to meet weekly to address changes in academic room requirements due to i) scheduled demand, ii) changes in Health Unit protocols and, iii) spontaneous events (e.g. COVID testing area).

      We don’t have a plan impacted by the vaccine at this time but have begun discussions on a new approach to space use – primarily, dedicated office-type space moving to team-based on-demand office space (hoteling). We’ve shifted approximately 200 non-academic (admin/ support) roles off-campus to a nearby site and we were about to pilot hoteling space with our IT group last Fall. Unfortunately, the COVID restrictions have delayed our move. The migration of non-academic space to off-campus was initiated prior to the pandemic as a way to address our academic space requirements on-campus.

      I’m not aware of any formal adjustment to guidelines going forward but do expect they will change.

      We are not using any apps or sensors at this time to measure room occupancy.

      Fanshawe is expecting to refresh our Campus Master Plan this year which will focus on new space needs following COVID. Also, we are supporting Colleges Ontario in preparing the tri-annual COFSI Report (Colleges Ontario Facilities Space Inventory). This document combines categorized space inventory, enrolment, staffing and teaching contact-hours into a series of space-planning guidelines. We anticipate the report to be released in the coming months. It will be a valuable reference for future space planning.


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