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      Hi – I reached out to our ERAPPA colleague from UNB who has graciously shared the following points and documents.  As you may know, NB has had almost no cases for several weeks and are cautiously preparing for the student return.  I’m sure this may help.

      1. Attachment 1: Sample letter (Word) to contractors (focus on last 2 pages)

      2. Attachment 2: Contractor Cleaning protocol (pdf) from NBCC (N.B. Community Colleges)

      3. Summary of Facilities’ plans from Kevin Simpson, Director Facilities UNB – Saint John Campus:

      • UNB is still operating in essential services mode as public health has been slow to release restrictions as we don’t want to take a step backwards. We moved to the next phase this past Friday and its likely within a few weeks,
      • Facilities Management will be back on campus initiating social distancing restrictions to prepare for the fall.  Our plans are still a work in progress….
      • we have identified all the spaces on the campus and new occupancy requirements to maintain the six feet. Essentially, our class sizes have gone from large to small in no time. A lecture theatre that would otherwise seat 250 people is now at a maximum capacity of 50 or so.
      • The university still has not made a decision on the fall and whether we will host in person classes or a combination. I would say that is step 1.
      • We have also measured all of our corridors and indicated that students can pass by in each direction. We have/will be putting up signage indicating traffic flow along with indicating traffic flow on stairways.
      • We are also doing the standard installation of barriers to protect workers against students in areas where it is deemed necessary (front service counters, etc).
      • we have maintained construction on the campus. (see Word letter)
      •  We have worked and looked at our cleaning standards. As for the fall, if in-person classes are held, we are still working on what expectations will be in place for cleaning. This might require additional people or trying to reposition our cleaners to appropriately disinfect while implementing robot vacuums to allow for them to clean more rather than vacuum. It really is a work in progress. I’m attaching a document that was provided by a colleague of mine at NBCC and it might be helpful.
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