Presentation #1 – Implementing and Existing Building Commissioning Program

Tuesday, June 18, 9:30am – 10:30am

Presenters: Graham Timperon, C.E.T., C.E.M., EBCx, Energy Manager [Algonquin College]

Student Commons, Algonquin College

Algonquin College is participating in the IESO SaveOnEnergy Existing Building Commissioning incentive program. EBCx involves continuously optimizing the performance of existing buildings to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. By regularly assessing and fine-tuning systems such as HVAC, lighting, and water usage, Algonquin College can minimize energy waste, improve occupant comfort and reduce its environmental footprint.

This presentation is designed to support sustainability and energy staff at Colleges/Universities in navigating the EBCx Incentive Program, developing a Scope of Work, expected cost and savings, RFPs and choosing a consultant, implementation and next steps.


Presentation #2 – Panel Discussion: Thinking Differently About Space

Tuesday, June 18, 10:45am – 11:45am

Presenters: Michel de Jocas [ECS], Janet Sauriol & Melissa Johnston [ Algonquin College], Robin Gould [Confederation College]

Space usage and allocation has been evolving and new trends associated with working remotely and hybrid teaching methods are emerging. Confederation and Algonquin colleges have undertaken studies to better understand the ‘real’ space use and enable data-based space decisions. These studies were completed with Michel de Jocas representing Education Consulting Services. Melissa Johnston, Janet Sauriol and Robin Gould will provide brief overviews of studies they have completed including the approaches enable the study. Michel will moderate and provide some insights into space trends and open the discussion to the floor.


Presentation #3 – Fanshawe’s Newest Projects: Innovation Village & Campus Energy Centre

Tuesday, June 18, 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Presenters:  [Fanshawe College];  [Doherty Engineering]

Fanshawe’s Innovation Village featuring the Canada Life Village Square

Innovation Village – summary pending

Campus Energy Centre –  To achieve aggressive emission reduction targets, one of the critical elements from Fanshawe’s recent Campus Energy Roadmap was to develop a centralized, Campus Energy Centre (CEC).  The CEC building was designed with sufficient space to install, operate and maintain the Phase 1 cooling equipment with provisions for future expansion and installation of heat pumps and electrical hot water boilers. As a part of the future expansion, the CEC has provisions to integrate an education component into the functional program of this facility.

Presentation #4 – Humber’s Green Building Standards

Wednesday, June 19, 10:45am – 11:45am

Presenters: Spencer Wood [Humber College]

Humber has developed and published new green building standards for construction and renovation, based on our experience with energy efficiency retrofits. We will discuss what is in the standards, how to use them, and how they came to be developed. Perhaps most importantly we will explain how we managed to get them actually approved and used in campus projects.