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Hi Everyone, here is Fanshawes response:

1. Have you, are you or will you participate in battery storage? If yes, who is the organization you worked with or are presently working with?
— we currently are not in any active discussions on battery storage.

2. What is your primary motive when working with battery storage?
B) For participating in DR (Demand Response) programs
C) To tie into renewable energy technologies

4. What have been some of the challenges that your organization has had when it comes to battery storage?
A) Facilities operations- yes venting concerns. Also Space concerns: prime location for battery storage is in mechanical rooms, when space is already limited.
B) LDC and Hydro One requirements…. Always !
C) Funding- Yes, still other projects to do that have better paybacks. We are Class B facility, so peak shaving is not a current priority.

Great discussion !