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Rich McEvoy
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Hi Lise – Fanshawe has been storing project information in a few areas. 1 – we also have been using a home-grown MS Access database to manage active projects (have been waiting for years for robust replacement!); 2 – we store documents in SharePoint in a prescribed project template format which includes a series of folders and 3 – our drawing files are stored in AutoDesk Vault.

We are in the process of piloting SharePoint 365 in the hopes of consolidating our documents and have also been experimenting with AutoDesk Construction Cloud. We’re finding that it’s not easy to identify a one-stop-shop for secured file storage and sharing to meet all our needs. A significant challenge that we’re now facing is that the size of our 3D models (e.g. Revit) continues to grow. It is becoming more of a challenge to share views with our maintenance teams and linking to supporting software (ArcGIS, Archibus). We’re trying to avoid making copies that would subsequently have to be maintained.

I’ll be curious to hear what others are doing and how you progress.