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Daniel Alonzo
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At Humber College North Campus, we currently have a bus terminal that serves multiple transportation authorities (i.e. TTC, Mississauga , Brampton, VIVA, and ZUM). We do not have any agreement with these transportation authorities because the bus terminal is owned and maintained by Humber College. However, we have direct communication with each authority should we need to close the terminal due to maintenance or construction.

I also like to share that Metrolinx is currently constructing an LRT station at the property line of Humber North Campus. For this project, we have an agreement with Metrolinx because we will be sharing a Traction Power Sub-Station (TPSS). A portion of the substation will be serving the infrastructure in one of our parking lots namely: parking gates, parking lights, A/V for signage, etc.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact Daniel Alonzo or Spencer Wood from Humber.

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