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Rich McEvoy
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Hi Lise,
I don’t have much info on section size but would like to point you to our COFSI Report/ Dashboard (https://www.ocfma.ca/cofsi-dashboard/), or look under ‘Members Only’ menu on this website.
The Dashboard ‘Reports’ tool has a ‘Detailed Report by College’ section that can be filtered for the ‘Athletics/Wellness’ metrics. This table summarizes space, student FTE, weekly contact hours and whether each College aligns to the prescribed standard. It also details key inputs used to arrive at the values.

If you’d like to drill into the room-level detail, you can go to the ‘Data’ section and filter where COFSI_L1 = B3. Here you’ll see the 3,693 rooms that fall into the Athletic/ Wellness category reported by Colleges.

I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference.

I hope this helps,


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