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Christian PrudHomme
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Hi Paul,
Below are the answers to your questions from Loyalist.
1. Do you charge EV users a fee to use your stations? Currently we do not but see 4a below.
2. Are you incentivizing users to disconnect their vehicles and parking in a non-EV charging station location once fully charged?  At the moment we are not, usage is too low to act on this. see  3 below.
3. If yes, how are you doing this? In the Future we will enforce a 4 hour max time (using the countdown on the charger) using our parking by-Law
4. What penalties do the EV users face if they’re still plugged in when fully charged?
a) Do you ticket/ tow them after a 1 hour grace period?  We will issue warnings, most likely 2-3 and then issue $20 parking fines.
b) Do you charge them a higher fee for maintaining their vehicle to park there?  We are proposing this upcoming budget year a $25 surcharge for an EV charging parking pass.  Not certain if this is going to be approved by the executive team.