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Christian PrudHomme
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At loyalist, we setup most of our VORs when going out for quote, usually RFP/RFQ.  We add wording in the tender or quoting package that the successful bidder or most recently bidders (2) will be setup as a VOR.  We add wording that the successful vendor will be added as a VOR asking the bidders to provide hourly, day, weekend, OT rates, travel, emergency response time etc…  For example:  AC1 rooftop has failed, working with Purchasing we go out for quote to replace a Rooftop unit valued at $20,000.  When awarded, we setup the vendor(s) on an HVAC VOR for future work and projects up to $99,999.  Vendors are setup for 3+1+1 years.  We have been successful in setting up plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Flooring for $99K and GC which is now set for construction projects at  over $300K.

We have also had some success with OECM.

Hope this helps you,