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    • Arthur Mok
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      Hello Everyone,

      We currently have a number of academic research structures (e.g. solar roof simulators, wind turbine, etc.) built by the academic faculty and students. We are in discussions on who would be responsible to have proper preventative maintenance measures in place as this was not part of the facility project plans. We are curious how our colleagues at other colleges tackle this issue and where the responsibility lies in regards to setting up proper operation and maintenance procedures and processes for these types of structures?


    • Daniel Alonzo
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      Hi Arthur, at Humber College we encourage our academic folks to take on the responsibility of operation and maintenance of the infrastructure they build. For example, our Arboretum is maintained by the Landscaping Program at our College. We also have similar academic projects for solar panels and our academic teams manage their maintenance. At this stage, is it possible for your team to re-start the conversation with the academic team so they can take on the maintenance and operations of the finished infrastructures they built? I hope this helps.

    • Anonymous
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      Hi Arthur,

      We are much the same as Daniel, Academic infrastructure is the responsibility of the Academic departments. Facilities supports logistically and with connections into building systems. It is a struggle with some areas and departments from a safety and risk managment perspective. We reuqire them to provide copies of inspections and work done, also that they contract licensed contractors who are fully insured to complete maintenance.


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