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    • Brian Hughes
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      I am new to using this discussion method so forgive me if this topic has been discussed previously. At Niagara College we are being asked to consider having our welding, automotive repair and culinary labs upgraded to include full air conditioning. In the past these requests were not entertained at the college as it was felt that students going into the work place would not experience air conditioning in whatever shops/ restaurants they would end up in. Our faculty are now saying that this is a health & safety issue. We do have a Heat Stress Prevention policy at the college which while written for staff is being applied to students in the labs. We are making efforts to upgrade our air handling equipment to provide for tempered air but this will probably not fully satisfy the programs involved. We have explored schedules to see if we can avoid using the labs when the humidity level is very high but this is difficult to achieve. With temperatures climbing every year we need to address this issue.
      Having said all of that would it be possible to find out if other colleges have these type of labs fully air conditioned? If not is the rationale similar to what was used at NC in the past?

      Brian Hughes

    • Christian PrudHomme
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      Hi Brian,

      At loyalist the oldest kitchen has cooling fed from our Supply Fan & Chiller. The MUA does not have AC, only heat. It bring in a significant amount of outside air so if it is warm outside, it does tend to get warm in the kitchen. The new lab kitchen set to open next month has its own AC. We expect it to be much cooler and climate controlled. Welding, Manufacturing/Fabrication, Automotive and Carpentry do not have AC. They tend to open the large bay door for cooler outside air which is sometimes very warm and humid. The Auto shop installed 2 “Big Ass” fans that are over 16′ diameter that move a lot of air. In 2019, we did run a carpentry course outside over the winter months. They did not have any heating.

      Hope this is useful.


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