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    • lanchinguyenweekes
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      Hello all,

      The effect of COVID-19 has hasten our move to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). I was wondering if your college has guidelines or standards on how many outlets  you will put in a classroom, lab or common areas ?

      What would be a good ratio students vs. outlets ? How many is enough ? 50%, 33%, 2, etc. I have been told that some of our students get very concerned during exam time and want to plug in for the duration.

      Thank you for letting me know,


      Lan Chi (La Cité)



    • Anonymous
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      Hello Lan,

      I think we are all going through the same exercise. Just a thought, maybe use the child proofing outlet inserts every 6 feet? Advise students to use 6ft or greater power cords and Ethernet cables…just a thought.


      Duncan Mills

      Georgian College

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