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    • jcalvert
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      Good day all, I am reaching out to see if any college in our group is experiencing service and support issues with Encellium  lighting and control products that is now owned by Legrand North America.

      Over the last 1.5 years Fanshawe has been having issues with quality of equipment .i.e. switches and fixture driver controls. that are failing prematurely.

      so a few quick questions

      1- Is any other facility experiencing the same issues?

      2-Has any college replaced this system with any other lighting control system?

      3-Is any college installing Encellium lighting control in any up coming projects?

    • Aman Hehar
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      Hello – Encelium is Humber’s base building lighting controls provider. We have a large installation ($1M ft2 +). We have not had issues with premature failure.  I know there are at least a few other college’s that have large installations as well.  Feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions.


    • jmorrison01@stclaircollege.ca
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      We have been struggling with this product for some time. The primary issue is the availability of replacement parts, others are, no manual override when faulted, constant updates required, and two-people are needed to configure. We had a discussion with a Legrand rep familiar with Encellium experience last week. They believe this is an installation issue and are arranging for a technician to inspect our systems. Depending on the outcome of this we will most likely replace it with the Wattstopper DLM product, also from Legrand. We have a few of these low voltage (CAT5) systems, and as well as their lighting panels that have worked for 10 or more years without failure. We will avoid networked systems for the time being, but have been told by a number of sources to consider Lutron.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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