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    • Oxana Robertson
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      Similarly to the question posted by Arthur about maintenance of the academic research infrastructure, we have a question about who’s responsibility it is to ensure that the equipment that academics purchase (or otherwise obtain) is field inspected and certified for use, when it is missing CSA or URL approval stamps. An ESA inspector identified some specialized equipment that was missing CSA and URL stamps, and mentioned that it should be field inspected by independent companies. At this time we made a request to academics to have the equipment certified. We are curious to hear how you handle this at your institutions, and if it ever falls on Facilities.

      Kind Regards,
      Oxana Robertson

    • Christian PrudHomme
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      Hello Oxana,

      Purchasing will forward the required documentation to Facilities to review. It is Facilities responsibility to ensure it meets CSA ULC… When the equipment is received, in most cases we are directly involved with the installation which will include an ESA inspection. Should it fail and require modifications, we will work with the equipment owner to modify the equipment, field test it to obtain certification. In some case, if it out of our expertise we will contract out the installation and modification at the owner’s expense.

      When there is a dispute if the equipment is or is not compliant, we will ask ESA to perform an inspection.

      Hope this helps.

      Chris Prud’Homme

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