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      We would like to thank everyone who participated in the June 2022 PD Event. Special thank you to the presenters and everyone who participated in the Trivia questions as well.

      The the list of Trivia questions, answers, and winners are found below. The e-gift card will be sent via email to each person by Monday, June 27, 2022. Congratulations to all the winners!

      Space Trivia Questions
      1. What was the Year of the last Cofsi last submitted?
      Answer: 2019
      Winner: Dave Clark, Sheridan College

      2. What was the biggest impact on space use you noted during the Covid Crisis?
      Answer: Any answer is correct
      Winner: Beth Sills, St. Lawrence College

      Emerging Risks with Renewable Energy Trivia Questions
      1. What is the leading cause of damage to solar installations?
      Answer: Hail
      Winner: Mubein Tarahi, George Brown College

      2. What is the risk posed by Cobalt lithium ion battery storage?
      Answer: Fire
      Winner: Jaime Calvert, Fanshawe College

      Zero Carbon Trivia Questions
      1. What are some examples of zero carbon heating/cooling sources for a building?
      Answer: Geothermal and/or Air Source
      Winner: Henry Colyn, Mohawk College

      2. In Ontario, what percentage of electricity is being generated from hydroelectricity?
      Answer: 24%
      Winner: Ivan Walker (closest answer)
      Special note: Most individuals answered 60%. This is the correct answer for the national percentage for Canada, but the question was specific to provincial only.

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