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    • Phil Rouble
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      Mind mapping software is a great productivity tool for brainstorming and analyzing complex problems and topics. They make it easy to collect, sort, distill, organize and synthesize a wide variety of inputs and ideas into organized and coherent ‘chunks’. You can also use mind mapping for presenting, explaining, planning, learning, and taking notes.

      For years, I have been using a free mind mapping tool called Xmind which is available at xmind.net. (I use the unlimited time free trial version.) I have used this tool for functional programming of spaces, real time facilitation of brainstorming meetings, developing org charts and departmental re-orgs, bringing structure to new complex planning projects with multiple inputs…

      Has anyone used other mind mapping tools?

    • Rich McEvoy
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      This sounds like it has great potential but, I’m not sure where to start or what topic to apply this tool or how participants would interact. Is there a video/ demo you could recommend or perhaps would you consider hosting a demonstration for others?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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