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    • Rich McEvoy
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      How does your campus regulate unauthorized signage that appears on your interior walls?

      We continue struggling with internal groups affixing paper signs throughout our campus walls (recently for Orientation). We estimate that $3000 of painting touch-ups will be required over 3-days for the latest debacle.

      We’ve worked with our Student Union to strategically position tackboards across campus and they seem to be working. However, throughout the year, other groups feel compelled to adorn our wall with 8×11 paper printouts mounted with paint-removing tape. Some eventually remove their signs while others wait for natural decay.

      Do you have a signage authorization process?
      How do you deal with non-compliance?
      Have you tried an innovative approach?

      I’m sure the attached samples may resonate with a few of you;)

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    • Christian PrudHomme
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      Hi Rich,

      Loyalist does not have a formal signage authorization process. If you receive one, please forward on as I would like to implement one. The only thing we have in place is for departments posting signs, not to use tape, they must use Adhesive putty AKA “Ticky Tack”.

      We deal with non-compliance:
      – unauthorized unwanted signs: Contact the person to tell them to not post on campus. Involve our Police liaison officers as needed. We ask Facilities, Security and the cleaners to remove specific signs.
      – Departments not posting properly such as using duct tape, we contact the Dean or Manager to immediately address. We tell them if there are any damages will be charged back (We never do)

      We have not tried anything innovative as an approach


    • Spencerwood
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      Humber has a posting policy – see it here: https://humber.ca/legal-and-risk-management/policies/general-administration/posting-policy.html

      Not that it works completely. I have tasked our cleaning staff to remove anything that isn’t on an official board immediately, people quickly get the message when all of their hard work is gone within the hour, but you have to be right on it.

      Once in a while a student will install something with packing tape and make a real mess, but it doesn’t happen too often.


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