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      Productivity is a lens to use our time intentionally and effectively. This forum attempts to bring focus, provide guidance and set priorities to build a Personal Productivity Toolkit that becomes your system to stay organized and free time. Please join the conversation.

      Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at work? Can’t seem to turn your thoughts off when you want to sleep? Do you find you keep forgetting things… These are all symptoms of our busy work / life styles that can be alleviated to some extent by developing a personal productivity system.

      A basic Personal Productivity Toolkit has 5 key elements everyone should master. (From Paul Minors, “Personal Productivity Blueprint”. Paul is a productivity blogger based in New Zealand.)

      1. Email
      2. Task Manager
      3. Calendar
      4. Document / File Management
      5. Note Taking

      While everyone is encouraged to join in the conversation, this forum will be organized to introduce and explore 2 key aspects each element of the Toolkit

      1. Purpose and Process – The WHY and the HOW to master an element – the most important aspect for success.
      2. Choice of Tools – The less critical aspect that is more about personal preference

      I highly recommending watching Jeff Su’s 7 minute video, “My Simple (2-Step) Productivity System (for normal people)!“, to get a flavour what a productivity system can do for you.

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