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Photo of the Month

A view from Humber College’s Cultural Hub construction project. Interesting note, the items wrapped in white covers located in the parking lot on the right side of the photo are the structural timber elements that will be assembled on top of the concrete structure. More information can be found here: https://humber.ca/culturalhub/

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  1. ERAPPA is back this year and it will be held in-person. It will be held on September 18 – 21, 2022 at the Turning Point Resort near Syracuse, New York, USA. Please check out the event registration page here: https://www.ocfma.ca/erappa-2022/

Cool Tools & Tips Discussion Boards

  1. The OCFMA T&C subcommittee has opened a new forum in the Discussion Boards to share all the cool apps, tools, and tips we’ve come across. All OCFMA members are also welcome to share their ideas. The link to the forum is here: https://www.ocfma.ca/forum/cool-tools-tips/

Job Posting

  1. Building Automation Technician, Conestoga College

Job Posting Link: https://www.ocfma.ca/building-automation-technician-conestoga-college/

  1. Plumber, Conestoga College

Job Posting Link: https://www.ocfma.ca/plumber-conestoga-college/

  1. HVAC Technician, Conestoga College

Job Posting Link: https://www.ocfma.ca/hvac-technician-conestoga-college/

OCFMA Discussion Board: Topics of the Month

Topic Topic Posted By Number of Responses
Academic Research Infrastructure – O&M practices Centennial 2
Meeting Owl 3 Conference System Humber 0


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OCFMA Website – Analytics

  1. Our Technology and Collaboration Committee always strives to make improvements on the OCFMA website to enhance the experience of the community. One of the tools we use is Google Analytics that gives us an overview of how the website is being used. The snippet below lists the top pages from the website that gets the most visits.

The information below shows the page views of our website for the month of July 2022.

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